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About Me

Hey! I'm Katie Primrose, a 20 year old Child Nursing student attempting to live in London on a budget. My favourite things to do include: shopping, travelling, flicking through fashion magazines, drinking tea, painting and meeting up with friends/family. I am constantly taking photos of everything I do and see. 

I have always been classed as a "bargain hunter", forever making a beeline to the reduced section of shops, googling extra discounts and finding cheap alternatives to more expensive, designer clothes whenever possible. Since moving to the most expensive city in the world and becoming a student, the money saving side of me has kind of had to take over. 

Like a "normal" lifestyle blog, there is a mixture of fashion, beauty, travel and other lifestyle happenings on this blog. Unlike "normal" lifestyle blogs, Katie Primrose does not involve the newest designer clothes and most expensive, high end makeup. Instead, everything you see is affordable. From low-cost OOTD's, high street makeup favourites and some tips and tricks in saving money, it's all here!  

I created Katie Primrose in January 2015 and have not looked back. Sharing things I love with all you beautiful people is one of my favourite things to do. However, juggling uni work, nursing placements, exercising, seeing friends and my boyfriend whilst blogging can be difficult, but I try to post regularly and I hope you like what you see! 

© Katie Primrose

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