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OOTD | Trying Something New


Culottes- Zara
Top- H&M
Faux Leather Jacket- Topshop
Sunglasses- Topshop
Trainers- Adidas/Footasylum 

So as you can all probably tell from previous posts, my style is quite "safe". It is basically made up of  different shades of black, grey and white and usually consists of a pair of jeans and a slightly different top/shirt. That is it. Do I like it? Yeah. Do I love it? Not at all.

Recently I have been getting really bored of my plain, monochrome wardrobe and have found my self in a "style rut" where I always find myself buying the same kind of clothes, just in slightly different colours or shapes. This usually consists of plain, monochrome or stripes. It is hard to believe that I never used to wear anything black, even when a friend pointed out an item of clothing with even the tiniest bit of black in I would automatically hate it. Between then and now something must have radically changed because when I look at my wardrobe now, all I see is black. 

Recently people have also been making comments about my black, on black, on black, on black outfits, not nasty ones just joking around, but that has been enough to make me rethink and doubt my style choices. Do I really want to be known as the friend who always wears black? I feel like it is definitely time for a change. I am not going to completely stop buying/wearing black, however I am going to try my hardest to wear different, brighter items along with the "blackness". It is Spring (although it doesn't often feel like it here in England) and therefore the perfect opportunity to brighten up my wardrobe with all the amazing spring shades that are taking over the shops. 

Not only have I brightened up my wardrobe with this outfit, I have also completely stepped out of my comfort zone with these b-e-a-utiful culottes. With long, rather skinny legs I often find myself sticking to the classic skinny jean, or I sometimes change it up with different style/shaped jeans. To be fair, give me a pair of jeans any day and I will be happy. I have seen numerous bloggers rocking culottes but I could never see myself joining them. However, when I spotted these beautiful striped culottes in Zara, I couldn't resist trying them on to see if they looked half decent (I wasn't even expecting that). And they did, they looked amazing! They are the most perfect addition to my spring wardrobe and I will be wearing them nonstop throughout spring/summer.

I would definitely recommend anyone trying on and wearing something different. It is so easy to stick to the same kind of clothes and styles, but after a while you will most likely get bored. Whether it an item of clothing you have seen and loved other people wearing, or whether it is something that looks amazing on the hanger, it is worth a go. It might look awful, but you never know it might look amazing and be your new favourite item in your wardrobe!

Have you recently stepped out of your style comfort zone?

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