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The new and improved Katie Primrose

Evening lovelies!  I want to start by apologising for the lack of posts recently, I cannot believe it has been almost a month since my last blog post! Basically I wanted to take a bit of a break from blogging, relax, clear my mind bit and start a fresh. So that is what I did. 

After a year of blogging I didn't feel particularly happy with the look of my blog, or the content. I realise comparing myself to other, more experienced and popular bloggers is the worst thing to do, but once you start it is kind of impossible to stop. After a lot of contemplation I have decided to spend a lot more time and a bit of money on my blog. This started by paying for this beaut new blog template from Pipdig (100% recommend), rearranging some parts of my blog and deleting the posts I no longer liked. 

After seeing so many amazing reviews on the Olympus Pen, I saved up and finally bought one for myself (eeeeeekk!). This camera is a thousand times better than my old, crappy Sony camera, which refused to focus unless you were about 2 meters away from the object. High quality, well edited photos are so important in blogging, they make your blog look so much more appealing, without a good picture no one will want to read the content! 

I didn't like how infrequent and irregular my posts were, so I have decided that I will post every Sunday at 16.00. I am so so unbelievably determined to stick to this for longer than the first couple of weeks. If I find I have extra material and a load of posts lined up (hahahaha you are joking Katie?!), then you may find that I add a little extra surprise post in during the week- don't get your hopes up though!

I so nearly forgot to mention the most important change to Katie Primrose! After reading so many other, more successful blogs, I am often left feeling like I should spend more money on products and clothes that are more expensive and/or designer, like they do, to become more "successful". SO MANY blogs are full of expensive products that a large chunk of people aren't able to afford (me being one of those), which I think is kind of unfair. As I am a student and I live in the most expensive city in the world, I don't have money spare to buy the newest, most fashionable handbag or the most amazing pair of Dior shoes (even though I would love to!) Meaning my content is already based on cheap and affordable "things" without even meaning to be. However, I have decided to focus my posts more on saving money and living on a budget. This will include content on affordable outfits, money saving tips and tricks, and anything else that will feed your shopping addiction without breaking the bank. 

So yeah, I hope you like the new and improved Katie Primrose! Is there any particular content you would like to see on Katie Primrose? Do you have any post ideas that you think I should do? Would be so good to receive some suggestions!

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