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Portobello Road & Notting Hill

Notting Hill is by far one of my favourite areas to spend a Saturday in London. Not only is it an absolutely beautiful place, it is also an amazing day out where you don't necessarily have to spend...well any money at all really (of course depending on your ability to control your spending, this is the part I usually fail at).

I love wandering around Portobello Market, which is always buzzing with tourists and the odd local on a Friday or Saturday.  The market is huge and is made up of stalls selling a range of vintage clothes, antiques and jewellery (and of course the odd tacky "London tourist" stall selling selfie sticks and "I heart London" everything). There are some lovely shops and cafes along the main street which are also worth taking a look in, plus a few charity shops where you can often find a few hidden (and cheap) treasures. Although bear in mind that whilst the prices of things in the charity shops are still cheap, they may not be as cheap as you are used to, from places outside London- this is what I have found anyway. Also, don't forget go to the famous bookshop that stars in the classic Notting Hill film and take a few selfies in front of it!

As well as the main attraction, I always enjoy walking around, admiring the absolutely stunning houses and dreaming of being able to live in such a beautiful area. This is the cheap part that has no temptation of spending money, however it often makes me realise just how poor I am compared to the lucky people who can afford to live in such an iconic area! 

Anyway, if you ever have a weekend in London, I would highly recommend a visit to the beautiful Notting Hill and to explore the area as well as Portobello Market.

Where is your favourite place to spend a weekend in London?

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