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OOTD | Black on Black

Dungarees- Asos
Top- H&M
Sunglasses- TKMaxx 
Shoes- Adidas

Before I start I would just like to apologise for the state of my hair, looking back at the pictures I now realise that maybe I should have looked in the mirror and atleast brushed my hair before shooting this look. But ahh well, I'm human and make mistakes, I am just sorry that this mistake kind of ruins these pictures. 

Anyway, lets talk about this sassy outfit. You know when you wear two different items of clothing that you have had for a while, but just never thought of wearing together, and it kind of looks and amazing and you fall in love with it? This is what happened when I decided to wear these dungarees with this black off the shoulder top. 

Ever since buying my first off the shoulder top last summer, I have been loving all the "bardot" tops and dresses. I found this beaut of a bardot top in H&M a couple of weeks ago and haven't worn much else since. It is so simple, yet the shape adds something a bit different to any outfit. Pairing this black top with my cute Asos dungarees is my idea of perfect.  

My wardrobe is gradually getting darker and darker, and blacker and blacker. I am determined to buy some brighter, more floral clothes ready for summer. I need to get out of my comfort zone- I can't always stick to black, monochrome stripes or denim! So keep an eye out for some brighter, more summery hues soon! 

Lunch at GAIL's

Yesterday James and I decided to spend our Saturday wandering around London, discovering new places. This is definitely one of our favourite things to do. Instead of heading to the main, popular London attractions, which would be crazy busy on a Saturday, we wander around the quieter parts. Doing this, we often find some hidden gems, and yesterday we stumbled upon GAIL's Artisan Bakery at Exmouth Market (Nearest station: Angel). As soon as I walked in the door, I knew this was a perfect blogging opportunity, so I got my camera out and started snapping straight away. 

Being boring, James and I both went for the same tomato, mozzarella, rocket and homemade pesto ciabatta, and boy was it delicious! Not only did it taste (and look) amazing, it was fresh and you could tell it had recently been made. The more I discover these independent cafes and bakeries that sell super fresh food, the less I like places like Costa and Starbucks that sell overpriced food that isn't fresh and is most likely full of preservatives. 

Being greedy (and after seriously enjoying the ciabatta), we then decided to get something sweet. James picked the huge slice carrot cake with cream cheese icing and I opted for the chocolate chip muffin. I can honestly say it was the best muffin I have ever eaten, it was so light and full of delicious chocolate. From what I tried of James' carrot cake, that was equally as amazing, and again, probably the best carrot cake I have ever eaten. Like the ciabatta, you could tell how fresh they were. 

When we first walked in, we both thought it was a bit pricey, the ciabatta being almost £5 each. But after the first mouthful we no longer cared as they were 120% worth it. Whether you are looking for a spot of lunch, a quick cuppa, or even some bread for later, I would definitely recommend a visit to this cute bakery (there's a load of GAIL's bakeries dotted around London). I will be returning very very soon. 

Have you ever discovered an amazing cafe or bakery in London?

Becoming a "Blogger"

I can't believe it has been over a year since I created KatiePrimrose and started writing blog posts for all of you beauties. Before creating this blog I spent months umming and ahhing about whether I should or shouldn't take the plunge and create somewhere I would share my experiences, views and feelings with the world. One day I suddenly (and finally) found the confidence and created KatiePrimrose. 

Within the first few months I had a bit of a love-hate relationship with this blog. Even now I have days where I feel super unmotivated and pretty rubbish about it and consider giving up, whereas other days I feel the opposite. Although gradually there are more days I love Katie Primrose and feel super motivated to regularly post content.

I wanted my blog to be really personal, which is why I decided on the name "Katie Primrose", after my first and middle name. I always write about things that interest me, the main topics being fashion, beauty, travel and health. Creating this blog and writing these posts wasn't and still isn't for popularity, money or free products. Instead it is for me to do something I enjoy, which is sharing the things I love with all of you lovely people. 

For me, blogging is a hobby and gives me something to concentrate on and enjoy, providing a break from university work. I love planning days out where I can take a load of photos and blog about afterwards. 

Sharing my blog with friends, family and the general public is something I am still getting used to. At first I didn't have the confidence to share this blog with all my friends and family, so I avoided Facebook and headed straight to Twitter and Instagram. Since then I have shared it on Facebook once, but still lack confidence when it involves friends and family. 

I am always so surprised and almost shocked when a friend or family member tells me they read my blog and really enjoy it.

I often find myself comparing KatiePrimrose to other, much more popular blogs, which is the worst thing to do. I also regularly set the bar way too high for myself, create impossible goals and put too much pressure on myself. I have now learnt that instead of writing posts I am not completely happy with just to keep to my schedule, I will post whenever I have material. I try to post twice a week, mainly on Wednesdays and Sundays, but that's not a strict rule. For me putting less pressure on myself encourages me to post more.

I really hope you all enjoy reading my posts on KatiePrimrose

© Katie Primrose

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