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Christmas Cheerz Box

Morning girls! I'm going to start by getting out my excitement that:
1. I have my own domain name, goodbye, hello! 
2. This is my first ever collaboration and to say I'm excited is an understatement. 
I have been blogging for almost a year now and I have really enjoyed sharing all the things I love with all you lovely people. To see my blog becoming more successful is so rewarding and makes me so much more motivated to keep writing and posting for you all. 

Anyway, let's talk about this snazzy Cheerz box that was kindly sent to me buy the lovely Cheerz team. Cheerz is a website and app which allows you to print pictures from a range of social media sites or from your computer/phone.

I am constantly taking photos, wherever I am, whoever I am with and whatever I'm doing. Photos hold memories and therefore I treasure them (this recently meant I had to spend a lot of money on an external hard drive). However, I rarely get them printed and they often get forgotten about in a distant folder somewhere on my computer (or now hard drive). Collaborating with Cheerz means I have 40 high quality, beautiful, polaroid style pictures in the cutest box. And for that, I am very thankful. It took me a while to decide which photos I wanted, but I opted for a selection of my favourite Instagram posts. I am so glad I did, they look so good on my wall and hold memories from the past year. 

I chose the Christmas Cheerz box, which is now on sale at, as it's LESS THAN 5 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. *Insert every Christmas emoji* It comes in the cutest little box, with a ribbon and a couple of gift tags, making it perfect for giving as a Christmas present. 

I would 100% recommend having a look on the Cheerz website if, like me, you love photos. You could order some for yourself, or you could even order this Christmas Cheerz box as a gift for someone else this Christmas. It's such a simple process to select the photos, edit  and order them, plus they get delivered in 5-6 days! 

Are you a photo lover/photo hoarder like me?

Lush in the shower

Like me, not everyone is lucky enough to have the luxury of a bath. When I moved to uni and only had a shower, I gave up looking in Lush. Not only did it make me miss relaxing in a bath with a lush bath bomb, I just didn't think there was much point going in there without owning a bath (I realise it was a bit stupid thinking this). 

However, when my sister bought me a load of Lush goodies that could be used in the shower, I realised how wrong I was. Lush has so many different soap, scrubs, gels etc to use in the shower- it isn't just for bath owners after all! (However, this doesn't stop me from getting hugely excited to use Lush bath bombs in the bath when I go home) 

Here's some of the Lush shower bits I was given:

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

I absolutely love this scrub, it's such a good exfoliator that  leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. It smells really fresh and citrusy (if that's a word). I'm trying so hard to make it last, but it's so tempting to use loads everyday. It is definitely my current favourite out of these products. 

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly 

This 100% smells like blackcurrant fruit pastels, it's SO SWEET. Even though the smell can be a bit sickly, it's still nice in small amounts. I love this shower jelly, although I find it so hard to wash with it as it's so slippery and wobbly- definitely puts some fun into washing though! 

Buffy Body Butter

I love the little tin this product came in- it's perfect for storing the body butter when it's not being used! I'm going to be truthful, I haven't actually used this body butter yet, but I still wanted to include it in this post. It smells of lavender and, according to the website it acts as an exfoliator and moisturiser. I am going to have a shower and try it out as soon as I've written this post!

Each Peach (and Two's a Pear) Massage Bar 

I absolutely love the smell of this massage bar, it's so fruity and fresh. I usually use this bar after I've exfoliated with Ocean Salt scrub and it leaves your skin feeling extra smooth and moisturised. 


Like it's name, this is just a bit of fun really. It's not the nicest or easiest thing to wash with, but if you have some extra time in the shower, you can always mould it into different shapes! It has an unusual sweet and kind of fresh smell, which I actually quite like. 

Do you use Lush shower products? What's your favourite? 

A weekend in Bath

Before I start I'd just like to apologise for the quality of these photos. After remembering to pack my camera and the charger (which is a rare occurrence so I was extremely proud), I forgot to check the memory card was in the camera. *Insert red angry face*

Anyway, moving on to our weekend away... As a treat for our 2 year anniversary of being together, James decided to surprise me with a weekend away to Bath. Last year he took me to Brighton and we had the most amazing time, so neither of us thought it could be topped, but it somehow was. 

I've been to Bath once before, when I was about 7 and the only thing I can remember is being bored out of my mind walking around the Roman Baths (I'm sure they are amazing, but 7 year old me didn't think so). This time I automatically fell in love with the place, it's so pretty. All the buildings are made out of the same, pale stone, which somehow makes it different to anywhere else I've been in England. We stayed in The Bear Hotel, which was lovely and above a busy pub- which made it perfect!

We spent the first day wandering the huge range of shops, going in the Abbey, drinking tea and having a general wander. In the evening we went to a restaurant called Brasserie Blanc, where the food was absolutely delicious. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. 

On the last day we decided to spend a couple of hours in the Thermea Bath Spa and I am so glad we did. It's pretty pricey, but totally worth it. There were several pools and steam rooms (that were different smells/flavours!) that we had access to. My favourite was the rooftop pool, where you could look out and admire the city. There's something refreshing about being out in a really warm pool, on a chilly day. I felt so relaxed afterwards and didn't want to leave. 

I will definitely be visiting Bath again, it is by far one of my favourite places I've been in England and would definitely recommend it to anyone. 

Where's your favourite place to go in England?

OOTD | Grey Skies

Denim Jacket- market stall (Norwich) 
Jeans- Asos
Jumper- Zara
Trainers- Nike
Bag- Asos

Just a quick post today on this super relaxed and comfy outfit perfect for the Autumn/Winter weather featuring this beautiful denim jacket and the cosiest jumper ever. 

I absolutely love this vintage Levi jacket I found on one of the vintage clothing market stalls in Norwich a couple of weeks ago. I've been looking for this style of denim jacket for a very long time and I finally found this beauty for only £17! I'm finding wearing a coat over jumpers is way too warm at the moment, so this is the perfect, cooler alternative. Plus it goes with practically any outfit and is big enough to fit a whole load of layers underneath, I can definitely see myself wearing this a lot over winter. 

Now lets talk about this cosy grey jumper I spotted in Zara the other day and couldn't resist. It's so thick and cosy, I'm loving high neck tops at the moment, and this is no acceptation. I decided to pair the jumper with my trusty Asos black jeans (that I've owned for far too long), this Levi denim jacket and my Nike Roche's, creating a simple and comfortable outfit. 

7 things to do in Paris

As you may know from previous blog posts, over summer James  (my boyfriend) and I went interrailing around Europe for 3 weeks. The first city we visited was Paris, where we somehow managed to do and see so much is a short space of time. It was a very tiring couple of days, but we managed to do everything we wanted to. Here's a list of just 7 of the things we did that I would totally recommend to anyone taking a trip to Paris. 

1. Go up the Eiffel Tower

This was definitely my favourite (and the scariest) thing we did whilst in Paris. We walked up the stairs to the second level and then got the glass lift up to the top, which was honestly one of the scariest things I've ever done. It was totally worth it though, the views were absolutely amazing from every level and it will be something I'll never forget. 

2. Try escargot (snails)

I wasn't completely sure about this idea (as you may tell in the photo below), but I am so glad I got past the idea of eating a slimy creature found in gardens. They looked absolutely disgusting, but once I finally found the courage to try some, I realised they were actually really tasty! We even ended up ordering them again from another restaurant the next day. 

3. Go on a boat trip up the river 

Paris is a huge place and it's impossible to walk everywhere and see everything. Many of the attractions are along the river, so taking a boat trip down the river is definitely a good idea. The information you get from the tour is also pretty interesting and something you don't get when walking around. 

4. Take a look at the Arc de Triomphe

James and I walked down the Champs Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe. Even though we just took a few pictures and had a look underneath, it was still a nice thing to do as it's such a significant feature of Paris. 

5. Visit the Notre Dame

Unfortunately we decided not to go inside the Notre Dame because the queue was ridiculously long (and we couldn't be bothered to wait). But just looking around the outside you realise what a grand and amazing cathedral it is. 

6. Buy macaroons from Laduree 

On the way back from the Arc de Triumph we came across Laduree, where we bought a few macaroons. Mmmmm, it makes me so hungry just thinking of them, they were DELICIOUS. I decided on a coconut and a salted caramel macaroon, they were a little pricey, but 1000% worth it.

7. Go to the Louvre and take a look at the Mona Lisa 

We had to wait for hours (literally) to get into the Louvre, and literally went to the Mona Lisa and left because we didn't have much time and we weren't overly interested in anything else. I'm glad we did wait to see the Mona Lisa as it's such a famous piece of art, but I do wish we had've looked around the Louvre a bit more after waiting so long to get in. 

Have you been to Paris? What did you do?

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