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Asos Wishlist

Like quite a few girls I often find myself scrolling through different clothing websites and slowing picking out items I wish I could afford and saving them to my saved items/wishlist. However, there are always many items that don't ever get bought and (annoyingly) disappear after a certain amount of time- when the shop has given up hoping you will finally add that item to your bag. 

I can't afford to buy half of the things I put into my wishlist, but I somehow feel like if it's in there it'll more likely to become mine in the future. I even save items that are and always will be way out of my budget, but somehow it's nice to know that they're still on my wishlist (just incase I ever win the lottery- wishful thinking right?).

I thought I'd share 6 of the items that I'm currently loving and are on my Asos "Saved Items" list. Asos is by far one of my favourite online clothing shops and the one I spend most time scrolling through (followed closely by Boohoo and MissGuided). Not only does Asos do 10% student discount all year round (with 25% every now and then), I also love the huge variety of clothes and there always seems to be everything you're looking for. 

Dungerees- I own a pair of light blue dungarees which are good for the summer, but a pair of black ones will be perfect for winter (plus I live in black so I kinda love them)

Roll neck jumper- Up until now I've never been a fan of roll necks, but they're just so cosy and how cute and warm does this cream one look! This is definitely at the top of my list of current favourites.

Sunglasses- I can hear you all asking "Sunglasses? But it's nearly Winter?" I l-o-v-e sunglasses and always have them in my bag in case there's ever a chance to wear them. I dread to think how many sunglasses I've bought and broken, but I'd love to add these cat eye gems to my collection. 

Bag- One of the items that will always be way out of my budget, but I just love it and if it's in my basket it's kind of mine, right?

Shirt- I'm loving shirts at the moment and this colour is so pretty and will go perfectly with a pair of blue jeans- perfect for the Summer to Autumn transition. 

Coat- I actually bought this coat a couple of weeks ago, but it's proof that keeping clothes in your wishlist means you might end up buying an item you absolutely love for under half the price! (keep your eyes peeled for this in any upcoming OOTD's).

Do you constantly have loads of items in a wishlist?

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Before I start rambling on about my new love for Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara, I just going to apologise for the lack of posts recently. A mixture of being extremely busy and lacking motivation caused me to temporarily neglect KatiePrimrose. I am now back in London, have settled into university and have run out of excuses not to blog, so here I am blogging again! 

Right, now it's time to talk about this amazingly affordable and pretty damn good mascara I picked up in boots a couple of weeks ago. It elongates and thickens the eyelashes and, for me is the perfect consistency. Unlike many other mascaras it doesn't cause the eyelashes to clump up, instead the brush helps to spread them out, making them look 'sensational'. 

Considering I've paid three times the price for other mascaras in the past, I think this mascara is definitely on the same level as some of those more expensive mascaras. If I were you, I would definitely give this mascara a try, who knows you might just fall in love with it like I have!  


Do you have a current favourite mascara?

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