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Ask any of my friends/family about me and packing and they'll tell you that I never pack light and will practically take my wardrobe for even a weekend away. However, I had to overcome this problem when James and I packed for our 3 week interrailing trip around Europe (see previous post). 

I never thought I would have to or could possibly pack 3 weeks worth of stuff into one (pretty big and pretty ugly) backpack, but I have had to and have somehow managed it. So I thought I'd share with you some of the essentials I packed, which might help those of you who are like me when it comes to packing. 
  • Sunglasses- these are a must for any holiday and if you don't have enough room in your bag, you can always wear them! 
  • Bikini- we're only going to different cities whilst interrailing and no beaches, but it's still a holiday essential (plus we're going to Budapest which apparently has a load of spas-yes please!) I found this one in h&m reduced to £5! 
  • Book- I'm really bad at reading and haven't read a book since last summer, but it's always a good idea to take a book on holiday wherever you're going 
  • Comfy shoes- as James and I are going interrailing for 3 weeks it's going to be essential for us to have comfy shoes, so I pushed the boat out and bought some b-e-a-utiful Nike Roches in black 
  • Camera-who doesn't go on holiday with a camera anyway? It's a definite must have for all holidays 
  • Selfie-stick- I've never owned a selfie-stick up until now but I'm already loving it (much to James' disgust). It's perfect for getting holiday snaps and selfies 
  • Mini wash stuff- the cutest and what I find the most exciting thing to buy (not sure why, but oh well) l opted to go for the 3 for £3 in superdrug 
  • Travel journal- I'm pretty excited about this, I've never had a travel journal before, but it'll be perfect for travelling around Europe and writing down memories and experiences. I picked up our one from Paperchase  

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