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Fake Tan or Natural Tan?

I love being tanned, I think there's nothing better in summer than to have a glowing tan. I think it makes you look so much healthier and better in general. 

I've tried a range of fake tans over the past few years, including instant, gradual and spray,  and have had good and bad (or orange and blotchy) experiences. These are just 3 recents I have tried out and actually quite like. 

Out of the Garnier and St. Moriz gradual self tanning moisturisers, I definitely prefer the St Moriz one. It's a much more natural colour, is easier to blend in and therefore doesn't go as streaky/blotchy.

The Origins self tanner is also really good. It rubs in well and the colour starts to show after an hour or two. The colour is very natural and it's shimmery, which creates kind of creates a glowing, just-come-back-from-holiday look. I usually use this before going out, definitely not on an everyday basis. 

After saying that, recently I have almost given up on any fake tan and have just tried a bit harder to get a natural tan. Naturally my skin is very pale and gets freckly in the sun, but if I try hard enough and spend a lot of time outside, I do get a pretty good tan. I'm hoping to build up the tan more whilst on holiday, I'll keep you posted!

Do you use fake tan or do you prefer a natural tan?

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