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Restaurant Review | Jamies Italian

A couple of weeks ago James and I decided to treat ourselves to a meal and a few cocktails at Jamie's Italian. I am so so glad we did. 

I have been to Jamie's Italian before and have loved it, but have never had a full 3 course meal and cocktails. I thought I would take the opportunity to blog about it and share my experience with all of you lovely people. 

For the starter we decided on Jamie's ultimate plank which was delicious, just thinking about it is making me hungry (even after a huge BBQ, so that's saying something). I loved everything that came on it, especially the meat and pork scratchings. It was definitely the perfect way to begin a lovely meal. 

I'm not sure what my main course was called, but it was basically chicken on bruschetta with a creamy mushroom sauce and some rocket. Even though it's a pretty simple dish (I think anyway, sorry if I'm wrong Jamie), it was so so so tasty. 

The Amalfi lemon cheesecake for dessert was huge and, again, delicious. I am literally getting so hungry thinking about all of this and will definitely be heading over for another meal once I'm back in London. 

We then went on to have some cocktails, I would tell you exactly what we had but I can't remember them all (especially the last few). I can definitely remember them all tasting amazing and I know I'll definitely be heading back again soon. 

So basically, if you haven't already gathered, I had an amazing meal and think everyone should go to a Jamies restaurant, whether that's Italian or any of his other restaurants. 

Do you have any current favourite restaurants?

Interrailing | Essentials

Ask any of my friends/family about me and packing and they'll tell you that I never pack light and will practically take my wardrobe for even a weekend away. However, I had to overcome this problem when James and I packed for our 3 week interrailing trip around Europe (see previous post). 

I never thought I would have to or could possibly pack 3 weeks worth of stuff into one (pretty big and pretty ugly) backpack, but I have had to and have somehow managed it. So I thought I'd share with you some of the essentials I packed, which might help those of you who are like me when it comes to packing. 
  • Sunglasses- these are a must for any holiday and if you don't have enough room in your bag, you can always wear them! 
  • Bikini- we're only going to different cities whilst interrailing and no beaches, but it's still a holiday essential (plus we're going to Budapest which apparently has a load of spas-yes please!) I found this one in h&m reduced to £5! 
  • Book- I'm really bad at reading and haven't read a book since last summer, but it's always a good idea to take a book on holiday wherever you're going 
  • Comfy shoes- as James and I are going interrailing for 3 weeks it's going to be essential for us to have comfy shoes, so I pushed the boat out and bought some b-e-a-utiful Nike Roches in black 
  • Camera-who doesn't go on holiday with a camera anyway? It's a definite must have for all holidays 
  • Selfie-stick- I've never owned a selfie-stick up until now but I'm already loving it (much to James' disgust). It's perfect for getting holiday snaps and selfies 
  • Mini wash stuff- the cutest and what I find the most exciting thing to buy (not sure why, but oh well) l opted to go for the 3 for £3 in superdrug 
  • Travel journal- I'm pretty excited about this, I've never had a travel journal before, but it'll be perfect for travelling around Europe and writing down memories and experiences. I picked up our one from Paperchase  

OOTD | Short Hair and Short Shorts

First of all I'd like to apologise for my burnt shoulders/chest, apparently my pale skin burns even on cloudy days. Pluss do you like my hair? I spontaneously had it all chopped off the other day and currently have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. 

Right let's talk about cute floaty tops and cheap shorts.. 
I'm absolutely loving bardot tops and dresses at the moment. After only spending £5 on a black bardot top from Primark (see previous OOTD) I decided to treat myself to a cute Topshop one (which was 4x the price, but 100% worth it). I absolutely love the shape and the light, floaty material. Paired with some denim shorts it makes the perfect summer outfit. 

I bought these Levi shorts for only £5 from a market stall on Brick Lane (inner student goes crazy). After completely guessing the size and somehow getting it right, I've been wearing them a lot and they're so so comfy.  After hunting for some new sandals, I found these simple, black leather sandals from Gap and have been practically living in them ever since. They are so comfortable and go with everything, I am totally in love. 

Levi Shorts- Brick Lane
Top- Topshop
Sandals- Gap
Sunglasses- Topshop

Interrailing | Planning

Sometime last year James and I decided we would like to spend a few weeks this summer traveling around Europe. This will be the last summer where we both have several weeks off university together, so we didn't want to miss what might be our last opportunity.  

For the past few months, we have spent several evenings planning and booking trains, hostels and flights ready for our 3 week interrailing trip around Europe. We have decided to spend 3/4 days in each of the 7 cities (which are in 7 different countries), including: 
  • Paris (France)
  • Berlin (Germany)
  • Amsterdam (Holland)
  • Vienna (Austria)
  • Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Budapest (Hungary)
We will be staying in hostels in every city apart from Zagreb, where we've treated ourselves to a really nice hotel. The hotel and all the hostels are very central and therefore near the main attractions. Whilst staying in hostels, we will be sharing a room with 6-10 other people, which will definitely be an experience! 

Before we started I don't think we realised how much planning and organising would be involved. Booking the trains at the right times and the hostels for the right nights and in the right places was pretty confusing (although I do get confused pretty easily- I blame the blonde hair). But after making a couple of changes to bookings, I think everything is booked and sorted now. 

Here's a few things we found useful to stay organised:
  • Having a notebook where we have written everything we booked, all the money we spent and planned out where we'll be when, has helped us remain organised. We will be taking this around Europe, so we know all the timings and bookings. (Who doesn't love an excuse to buy a cute Muji notebook anyway?) 
  • Gradually booking everything over several evenings, instead of trying to book everything together. We booked all the travel (including flights, trains and eurostar) before we even looked at accommodation, so we knew exactly what nights we needed to book and when we would arrive. 
  • Keeping track of all the money we have spent, so we know exactly how much it has costed. This includes the money we still need to pay at the hostels, so we have been able to set that money aside.
  • Making lists of everything we need to do/book, including things like sorting out insurance, getting a travel money card and other things which could easily be forgotten. 
One thing we haven't done is book any of the attractions we are hoping to go to. We were planning on booking things like going up the Eiffel Tower and going to the Anne Frank museum, however we never got round to it. After talking to others who have been interrailing, I am now quite happy that we haven't booked anything, as we won't be tied to doing anything at particular times, instead we can go anywhere we fancy, whenever we fancy going.

Have you got anything exciting planned for this summer?

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