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OOTD | That White Shirt Thing

Evening girls! Here's a simple OOTD involving this beautiful white shirt I picked up a couple of days ago. I have been wanting a white shirt for several months and finally found the perfect one in TopShop for only £20 (£18 for all you students out there!) and I lurrve it. Today I decided to pair it with some ripped jeans (have you noticed my obsession with jeans/denim yet?!) and Birkenstocks to give it a more casual feel, but I will definitely be sassing it up for evenings out in the future. Just be careful anything/everything marks a white shirt (as I found out today)!

Jeans- H&M
Shirt- Topshop
Shoes- Birkenstock
Sunglasses- Topshop

Summer Makeup Essentials

Hey girlies! I thought I would do a quick post sharing some of my current everyday makeup essentials. I find my makeup routine slightly changes depending on the season, during the summer months I prefer to wear lighter makeup and attempt to cut down on how much makeup I wear in general. 

At the moment my everyday makeup usually consists of foundation, mascara and a little bit of concealer. This clinique foundation is perfect for covering any imperfections and is long-lasting without being too heavy. I am in love with benefit's Roller Lash mascara, it lengthens and curls the lashes without clumping, giving a much more natural look. On the days when I have a bit more time (and I can be bothered) I add some gel eyeliner, pearly lip balm and maybe even some benefit high beam highlighter. 

This is my everyday makeup, I spend a lot longer and use many more products before going out anywhere fancy. I will be blogging about my fancier makeup routine soon so keep an eye out! 

What are your current makeup essentials?

OOTD | Shoulders Out

As the weather is gradually getting warmer I am starting to hunt for new summer clothes to update my wardrobe, whilst (attempting to) save money. It's not warm enough to wear shorts or get my legs out yet, so I'm sticking to jeans (I've got a bit longer until leg-shaving season thank God!). I thought I would share with you all the outfit I'm loving at the moment, which is one of my favourites to wear on a hot-but-not-too-hot english summer day. 

I had been searching for an off the shoulder top for a while, I found this one in Primark for only £5 (1/4 of the price that they were in Topshop!) and I L-O-V-E it. Pairing it with my Levi jeans and Reebok trainers gives this outfit a more relaxed and casual feel. Perfect for a sunny day! 

Top- Primark
Shoes- Asos
Trousers- Ebay
Sunglasses- Topshop

Do you have any current favourite outfits for summer?

Top tips for university

My first year of university is coming to an end and it has been the craziest and most life-changing year of my life so far. I am now completely independent, I budget (or try to), shop, cook and even regularly clean my  toilet and wash up without someone asking/begging me to. 
I feel like after a year of student life, I am able to give some advice to those of you who are starting university in a few months. I now know what it's like to become completely independent and live alone, to have to balance uni work with cooking, cleaning, hoovering, shopping, washing and all the other boring everyday tasks you might not be used to doing. 

So here's 5 tips that may help and prepare those of you who are going to university within the next few months. 

1. Learn to cook some basic meals, most of the people in my kitchen didn't have a clue how to cook (they were all boys surprisingly). Relying on takeaways isn't the healthiest and cheapest way to live. 

2. Learn how to wash your clothes and try to understand terms like "delicates" and "permanent press" and what qualifies as a light colour. It's also useful to understand the symbols on clothes labels, otherwise you might shrink a beautiful Urban Outfitter top after only wearing it once (talking from experience).

3. You need to buy a printer, don't rely on others for printing a 100-page booklet at 12am, trust me, they won't be happy. 

4. Don't take the contents of your wardrobe to uni (like I did), you won't need/have room for a top in every shade, colour, shape and size.

5. Don't overly worry about starting university. Whether you are worried about who you will be living with or what course you're on, everyone is in exactly the same position. 

Are you moving out and starting university soon? Do you feel ready? 

June always has been one of my favourite months of the year (December is aswell- who doesn't love christmas?) Not only is June my birthday month, it's also the beginning of summer, which makes me very very happy. There's something about waking up to blue skies that automatically improves my day and puts me in a better mood. 

Here are some of my goals for June:

I am hoping to have more time to exercise and start eating healthier. After being on placement (for those of you who don't know, I'm a student nurse) with 12.5 hour days for the past 5 weeks I don't feel like I've had the chance to do any fitness, even on my days off I'm too tired to go to the gym. But now I'm going to be on placement 9-5, five days a week which is much more bearable. So watch this space for more health tips and food recipes! 

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Birthdays are always the best time to catch up with friends and family. Being at uni away from my family means I don't get to see them very much, and when I do it's only for a day or two. Also having friends scattered around the country at different uni's makes it almost impossible to meet up. For my birthday and the weekend after I plan to catch up with as many friends and family as possible. I'm even taking a trip home, so I will finally be reunited with the countryside-I've forgotten what it's like to not constantly hear cars, sirens and building works 24/7. 

Lastly, I want to try and make the most of the long days. Instead of being stuck in my room on my days off feeling tired and sorry for myself, I want to get outside and explore London more. This will also benefit you, as I will be blogging a lot more (which is another of my goals). 

What have you got planned for June? Have you got any goals? 

Healthy Student Meals: Stir Fry

Going to university, being independent and not having food cooked for you every night can be a huge shock, especially for those who heavily rely on their parents. It has become pretty normal to start eating rubbish as soon as you move out and gain the title "student". Takeaways, ready meals and other convenient unhealthy food options all become surprisingly tempting when you are tired, hungover or just too lazy to get up and cook. 
I have always loved cooking and was taught how to cook from a young age. However once I moved to London and became a student, I soon realised that cooking once or twice a week for my family, with the food they had bought is very different to cooking for yourself every night with the food I had bought. Not only am I living off a student budget, I also have one fridge shelf, one freezer drawer and half a cupboard to fit my food in. Meaning I am only able to get a small amount of half decent food. 
I have recently decided to start eating healthier, not only to loose a bit of winter chub ready for crop-tops and bikinis, but also to start feeling more energised and happier in general. I thought I would share with you all some of my favourite, affordable and healthy meal ideas, which aren't too complicated and don't require you to stand very long (aimed at all my fellow lazy students). 

So I thought I would start with the basic stir fry, which is 100% one of the cheapest and easiest meals I regularly cook (and it's healthy-so no guilty feelings after this meal!) 

Stir Fry Noodles


Sweet chilli stir fry sauce 
Pack of stir fry vegetables
Chicken or any meat/fish you fancy

What to do: 

1. Fry the chicken in some olive oil until cooked through
2. Add the stir fry vegetables and cook for a couple of minutes
3. Add the sweet chilli sauce and cook for 5 minutes
4. Add the noodles and cook for a further few minutes (until everything is cooked and heated through) 

Cost- £3 plus cost of meat/fish    Time- 15 minutes max



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