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Long Distance Top Tips

As quite a few of you will know I have been in a long distance relationship with James for a year and a half now, and we are still going strong (don't know how I've done it!) The past 18 months have been amazing, however the distance can be extremely hard at times and has caused many ups and downs. 
Our relationship started with James living in Birmingham and me living back in Suffolk, which meant we were 1 car journey, a train, a tube, another train and a 20 minute walk away from each other. Now I've moved to London, the travelling has reduced a bit, but it's still just as hard saying goodbye. 
I thought I would do a little post outlining 5 top tips for those of you who are in long distance relationships to look at when you are feeling a bit down and need cheering up. 

1. Make a list of places you want to go and things you want to do with each other, every time you meet up try to do one of those things. The more you do with each other, the more you will feel like you have made the most of your time together and the happier you will feel. Don't get me wrong, duvet days are sometimes called for, but I find getting out and doing things can make you so much happier. 

2. Every time you start missing them and asking yourself "Can I do this?" just think of everything you like/love about them, how happy you are when you are together and replace that question with "Would I rather be in a relationship with them and only see them every now and then, than not be in a relationship with them and never see them?" 

3. Talk. This is extremely important in any relationship, but especially in a long distance relationship, where it is easier to hide thoughts and feelings. Overthinking is the worst and tiny thoughts can escalate into massive problems.  If you are worrying about something or finding it difficult tell them and I am sure you will be able to talk it through and resolve it together. The more you bottle it up, the worse you will feel. 

4. When you spend time together take loads and loads and LOADS of pictures. Then, when you are missing them you can flick through and remember all the amazing times you have had with them. You could even spend time making a scrapbook, which is something special you can treasure. 

5. Make use of technology. Text, iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, Twitter, Facebook, BBM, you name it! There are so so many ways to communicate, there is nothing stopping you. Good communication is key in all long distance relationships. 

I hoped this helped a tiny bit, if not a lot!

Lush Goodies

Popped into town today to get a few bits and bobs and came across the smell and then sight, of lush. I don't know about all you other students out there, but the main thing I miss at uni, especially when I'm stressed and tired, is a bath (sorry mum/dad if you're reading this). I always ensure I make good use of the bath whenever I'm home, and therefore couldn't resist buying a few bath bombs for the few days I have left at home.
Until Christmas I had never had/been given a bath bomb (cue sad face), I have always bought them for others as they are the perfect present- even James loves them, but had never had the luxury of having one for myself. They all look and smell amazing, it was hard to pick 4 from the amazing selection, so I decided to go for a pink theme. 
I've already used the "Twilight" bath bomb, it smelt really fresh and the colours that came out were amazing; first pink, then blue, which turned the bath purple, not forgetting some glitter in there too!

I'm getting so excited just thinking about it, I hope I'm not the only one who gets this excited over baths and bath bombs...

Granny takes a dip:

Tisty Tosty:


The comforter:

A few days in Dublin

At the beginning of the week my family and I took a trip to Dublin for my Dad's 50th Birthday. After a horrible early start on Monday (my alarm went off at 2 in the morning-feel sorry for me?!), we had 3 days to explore Dublin and drink as many pints of Guinness as possible- I found the Guinness there 1000x better than the Guinness we have here in England.
I have never been to Ireland, and have always wanted to go, purely to hear their beautiful accent, but I discovered there's a lot more to ireland than the accent (believe it or not). 
We spent the 3 days wandering around the streets, getting tour buses to a range of attractions (one of these was the Guinness factory of course), listening to Irish music and trying some of their traditional dishes (including the best beef pie I've ever eaten). 
I thought I would share with you all some of the pictures I took whilst I was there (this is just 11 of the possible 300, so count yourself lucky!) 


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