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Sky Garden

Whilst flicking through Facebook a couple of weeks ago, I noticed someone had visited a place called the "Sky Garden". After researching it and realising it was actually free (cue bank account cheering), I immediately booked it.

I dragged James there today and even though it was dull and rainy, the view was absolutely amazing and I will definitely go back in the summer. It is on the top level of a skyscraper, and includes a restaurant and bar, aswell as a huge garden full of plants. 

I would recommend it to anyone, it's a great London attraction and doesn't cost a penny! 

Pinterest Inspo

I absolutely love spending (too much) time on Pinterest, scrolling through pictures of absolutely b-e-a-utiful homes, amazing fashion ideas and some crazily-good artwork for hours on end. As well as making me desperate to finish uni and have a house to decorate, Pinterest also inspires me to start drawing/painting more and gives me some stunning fashion ideas. 

As a result of uni work, revision and a load of stress, it feels like weeks since I last had a scroll through Pinterest. After looking through the hundreds of pins that were waiting for me (when I had a chance to forget uni work and focus on stylish houses, pretty outfits and some amazing artwork), I decided to do a post for y'all, picking out some of my current favourites.


I don't know about you lot, but spending a few hours browsing through amazing home and interior inspo is 100% one of my fave things to do. I love mentally planning my dream house and getting overly excited about having my own place to decorate (it's almost as good as spending an afternoon looking around IKEA-not quite though). However, I'm usually left calculating how many more years/months I have stuck in student accommodation, full of pine furniture and single beds.  


As you can probably tell, denim and stripes are definitely my "thing" at the moment. Even though I already own far too many stripy tops/shirts, I still constantly find myself drawn to stripes whilst shopping (I often pick up and carry an item around before I suddenly realise it's stripey and I can't really afford to buy it/I will get moaned at for buying "another stripey top?!"). 
I have always been a lover of jeans/denim (who isn't?!), and my collection of jeans is gradually expanding. I'm currently loving tight, skinny jeans with ripped knee(s) and high waisted mom jeans, they look good with practically anything and are perfect for all seasons (in England, that is). Recently I have been searching for some (cheap) full-length dungarees, I love dungarees and feel it's a bit chilly to get my short dungarees out at this time of year. Will keep you posted if I find any bargains!


The artwork section on Pinterest is by far one of my favourites to look through. There's a huge range of techniques, methods and subjects used within the artwork, I often find myself attempting to replicate/copy them. Sitting down and spending time drawing/painting is so relaxing and satisfying. 

Plait O'Clock

I thought I would do a quick post sharing with y'all a few hairstyle ideas involving plaits. I often find myself plaiting my hair to make a change from the usual 'quickly brush and put a couple of clips in it' look. From the simple french plait, to fishtail plaits, once you have got the hang of them they are all so quick and easy to do. I find adding a plait can instantly improve any hairstyle. 
So here a just a few of my favourite hairstyles involving plaits..

Plain n'simple french plait

The Fishtail




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